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UPDATE: 3/4/2020 — is no longer available.

Creating a WordPress Install with Poopy Life is real easy. Watch the video below and get right to work.

Installing WordPress Sandbox

If you are like me, then you need to create lots of development environments. For myself, I use Amazon Web Servers, when I need a particular kind of server and something I can turn on and off as needed.

Other times I really enjoy using Local by Flywheel to create shareable local WordPress installations.

However, when I am doing training or trying to demo something very quickly, I use a WordPress Sandbox created at’s website. There you can create a temporary sandbox that you can play around with and lasts for only 24 hours.

When I am trying to show a demonstration of how something is done, like installing a plugin, allows me to do it easily and on-the-fly. Once I am done, I usually just walk away and it expires on its own.

Why Use a WordPress Sandbox?

WordPress Sandbox gives you speed and flexibility. You don’t have to go through the steps of hosting the sandbox. You also don’t need a url, will automatically assign you a url you can access from anywhere. A clean install of a WordPress sandbox can help you to troubleshoot issues and conflicts. It can help you to get a different picture of your problem.

Because behaves like a regular website, you can import a copy of your website using All-in-One Migration.