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All the parts of your project, Web Development, Web Design, SEO, SMO, Analytics and more, are connected to each other and follow a continuous success plan.

Idea Generators

We want to present the best ideas possible to help your small business brand succeed. A well built website with no visitors is a travesty. Our ideas will help you get more visitors which leads to more growth.

Staying Ahead

Website trends and Google algorithms are always changing, We Do Internet is always staying ahead by utilizing the tried, the true and new internet marketing techniques.

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Fly Catcher Landing Page

T-Rex Small Business Website

T-Rex Fitness used this Landing Page to reach their constituents to put content that their clients wanted into an eBook.

1 in 5 Sign Ups

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Jesse VelezSenior Developer
Jesse Velez is Senior Developer and leader of We Do Internet!

Jesse also…

Josiah VelezProgrammer
Josiah Velez is a student at Miami Dade College and hangs out and works on WordPress and CSS at We Do Internet!

Josiah also…

Esther VelezWeb Developer
Esther Velez is a web developer as well as an English and Technology teacher of 1st – 12th graders. When she can she works on projects involving Ruby on Rails, Social Media Content Creation and other things internet.

Esther also…

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